DISCLAIMER: If this isn’t relevant to your experience(s), then this post ain’t for you.

Black graduate students aren’t allowed the normal trajectory in graduate school. While our White peers deal with stress of deadlines, understanding concepts taught, maintaining a GPA solid enough to remain in graduate programs, Black students have to conquer that plus more.

Inadvertently, we become both the student AND the professor. We are expected to teach others including our professors regarding the experiences of all Black people although we know that the Black experience is not a monolith. We are expected to provide proof for every statement we make even though they know damn well it’s nothing but facts, while our White counterparts spew their White privilege and wrong opinions with the upmost support of our professors.

We gotta do all this shit PLUS more. PLUS be the best. PLUS write well. PLUS speak well. PLUS make people listen. PLUS maintain the GPA. PLUS meet the deadlines of assignments and the school’s assignment for us. ALL WITHOUT PAYMENT! This shit is an exhausting burden to carry. Next time you speak with a Black graduate student, do not ask how school is going. Ask how you can help us dismantle this system that continues to place these pressures on us.

With Love,


Published by This is Tatyana

I am a new blogger, current MSW student, and a special educator. I am also someone who is battling mental health. Through this blog, my hope is to engage others in discussions regarding mental health, systemic racism, Black women and children, and the intersections of social justice and education.

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