Today is Sunday. A perfect day to be transparent. Since I have started teaching at a new school with a new age group, I have been doubting my abilities. There is so much more work associated with virtual learning. So much more paperwork, more energy expended to engage the students, much more planning so you can ensure technology works. It’s all beginning to be a bit much.

So even though I have been meditating, working out, cooking, eating healthy foods, and journaling twice a day I still had an anxiety attack from it all. My chest tightened. My breathing became labored. It was hard to catch my breath. All from stressing about impressing administration and my students. I put everyone else before myself.

I have been able to extend everyone grace but myself. Perfectionism is debilitating. It poisons your thoughts and infiltrates how you feel about yourself. Perfectionism will have you believing that nothing you do is ever good enough. Perfectionism will have you believing that you are consistently failing even when the experiences say otherwise.

The only way to fight this is to extend yourself grace. Be extra kind to yourself. Especially in times such as these. No one could have predicted that all of this would occur. And no one is absolutely crushing it during this time. Everyone has their own struggles. Everything is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to ensure you are taking care of yourself financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Working to impress others will leave you drained and struggling.

With Love,


Published by This is Tatyana

I am a new blogger, current MSW student, and a special educator. I am also someone who is battling mental health. Through this blog, my hope is to engage others in discussions regarding mental health, systemic racism, Black women and children, and the intersections of social justice and education.

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